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OpenCart Inventory Management

OpenCart inventory handling is as critical to store successful performance as any other store management process. Though, it assumes far greater significance in the light of the fact that fine-tuned inventory is not just store owners’ requirement. It is of great use for web visitors, who come to your store on purpose to find wares they need.

In such a way, your concern is to ensure thorough, fast and accurate inventory control, what is not as easy at it seems at first sight, since inventory is quite a versatile notion, encompassing numerous aspects. Let’s consider what exactly tasks hang over you.

Product price has the tendency to constantly vary – some products go down in price, the other rise in price. Price fluctuation must be “caught” on the fly and actual OpenCart product price should be displayed at the front-end. Another concern is OpenCart stock control. Online entrepreneurs have to continually track what products have good sale and are about to be sold out. The main thing is to avoid stock-outs when customers keep on ordering these very items. At the same time, you should keep vigilant watch on goods that have no market and bring no profit. Not infrequently you need to add new items to your OpenCart store and expand product range.

These and other store inventory management tasks will be a great success when performed with Store Manager for OpenCart software. OpenCart inventory administrating can be fulfilled either for each product separately or for numerous items at once, as Store Manager comprises different tools that will help you out.

Whenever you need to manage inventory for one product only, you can accomplish it in Edit Product form in the lower grid. Just select what item you have to set inventory for and input necessary values in corresponding fields.

Edit Product form includes different tabs and you can easily switch between them to designate necessary fields.

It’s possible to set required product price or discounts, change product quantity, enable or disable OpenCart product status. OpenCart stock handling might be performed in Additional tab of product edit window. To save alterations implemented press Apply button below.

Similarly you may manage inventory levels of multiple OpenCart products. Just highlight needed records, proceed with alterations and apply changes made.

Another way to manage OpenCart inventory is to resort to Store Manager import functionality. Uploading products via import wizard you are able to designate necessary values without manual product handling as well as add new products to OpenCart database.

Moreover, you have Store Manager addons at your disposal. They enhance store management possibilities, allowing you to automatically upload data to OpenCart with Automated Product Import Addon or integrate with QuickBooks accounting software by means of QuickBooks Integration Addon.

Spotless OpenCart product inventory control is the pledge of full-featured web store arising. Track and monitor your inventory and set yourself up to financial and customer service welfare.

By Ira Svedovetska