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Store Manager for OpenCart Release Notes

  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
    – Incorrect category import on multilingual OpenCart stores has been fixed. Now category will be created correctly in case “If category is not found then create new category” option is enabled in the import wizard.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
    – “Create New Order” button displays in POS after invoice generation. It allows to create new order directly from this page without reopening POS window.
    – Lower grid (“Option” tab) refreshing has been optimized.

    – Option values were not copied when a product was cloned in Store Manager. The issue has been fixed and product details are cloned properly.
    – Text alignment issue that occurred in “Parent” field of category edit grid has been fixed.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Monday, August 14th, 2017
    – Category export wizard has been implemented in Store Manager for OpenCart.

    – “Special” column has been added to product grid. If a product has special price, the checkbox will be enabled in this column and double clicking it will open corresponding tab with special price in product lower grid.
    – “Start Date” and “End Date” fields are now validated in “Special” and “Discount” tabs in Store Manager.
    – “Meta Tag Title” field has been added. This is required and should be configured when creating new products and categories in Store Manager for OpenCart.
    – “Points” field has been added to “Reward points” tab in product lower grid. It displays product price in points.
    – The icons used to group option types has been added to “Option” tab of product lower grid.
    – OpenCart v.,,, support has been added.
    – Double-clicking an image will open its preview in Store Manager.
    – New enhanced version of eBay Integration addon has been implemented.

    – Previously the error happened if a user switched to manufacturer from the search form. The inconvenience has been eliminated and search works properly now.
    – “Name” and “Model” fields are now required and can?t be left empty when creating/editing a product in Store Manager.
    – Previously products were assigned to categories incorrectly in the process of import to multilingual store. The inconvenience has been fixed and category assign is performed properly now.
    – Previously no value was recorded to “store_url” field of “order” table when the order was created via Store Manager. The issue has been fixed.
    – Issue with empty manufacturer after product import from QuickBooks has been fixed.
    – Formerly product price was updated for existing in Store Manager products during product import from QuickBooks though quantity was selected for update only. The issue has been fixed and selected fields are updated.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Tuesday, February 28th, 2017
    “?opy”, “Paste”, “Clone”, “Addons” buttons display in the grid and context menu has been fixed.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Tuesday, February 21st, 2017
    – Import/export of Specials has been added. It is possible now to create special prices for multiple products via import or export them to the file using Store Manager.
    – Image assign to products, categories, manufacturers through drag and drop is now available in Store Manager.

    – “Delete specific price before import” option has been added to product import wizard. It allows to clear specific price for products at the store if you have them in the import file.
    – Titles of Target Column Name are now saved to export configuration if they have been changed in export wizard.
    – UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN fields validation has been implemented.
    – Date validation has been implemented for “Discounts” and “Specials” tabs in product lower grid. Date End can?t come earlier than Date Start for discounts or special prices you add.
    – Tabs display has been changed in “Attributes”, “Options&Values” sections of Store Manager for OpenCart.
    – Some enhancements have been added to “Manufacturers” section: images can be assigned to manufacturers via drag and drop, default layout of the form has been changed, some options have been added on image preview.
    – Options block has been added to POS window. It displays available product options and allows to select suitable variation to add it to order.
    – Product edit form has been enhanced in this version of Store Manager for OpenCart.
    – “Addons” button has been added to customer context menu and to customer toolbar and lets you quickly launch customer export to QuickBooks.

    – Previously no value was recorded to “store_url” field of “order” table. It caused the error when one viewed the order from the frontend. The issue has been fixed in this Store Manager for OpenCart version.
    – The error that occurred on eBay Integration addon (v.2.6.15) launch has been corrected.
    – If product name is specified for active language (for multilanguage stores) only, it is being assigned to all available languages and displays at the frontend properly.