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Store Manager for OpenCart Release Notes

  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

    – eBay Integration v. has been released. In the wizard to export products to eBay, Item Condition “Manufacturer refurbished” was changed to “Seller refurbished” for US and Australian marketplaces (due to eBay’s update of Condition Definitions).


    – An issue with Store Manager hanging when connecting to a store with a large number of attributes has been fixed.
    – Now, when a user creates a filter it is displayed in the product menu at once, and does not require restarting Store Manager.
    – Now, a product filter will be available only for the store in which it was created.
    – An issue when after editing customer data in the Orders section the data wasn’t updated has been eliminated.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

    – PHP Bridge 7.76 has been released.


    – Fixed an issue with connecting to a store with several languages.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Tuesday, August 18th, 2020

    – OpenCart compatibility has been added and now, Store Manager users can manage stores based on this version of the shopping cart.
    – Starting from this version, users can play around with the renewed sample database (sandbox connection).
    – “Check All” and “Uncheck All” buttons for ticking and unticking the checkboxes in “Fields to search in” drop-down in the product search window have been added.
    – Product grid has been enhanced with the possibility to display selected attribute values that are assigned to goods.
    – Now, “Special price” values are being displayed in the product grid: one separate column is responsible for the default customer group and the other is intended for all other groups depending on the priority that was set for the value.
    – Image handling in the “Preview Image” window has been improved: Zoom In/Out works with the help of the mouse scroll and image zoom is being displayed as a percentage.
    – The display of category image thumbnails in the category grid has been implemented.
    – A button for configuring store connection via OpenCart Connector module has been removed.
    – A window for adding a customizer via POS system has been refined.
    – A display of the product image in the “Quick Add Product” field in the POS has been added. Also, a column with the status of the product is being shown.
    – Product search form using F10 hotkey in the POS system has been optimized.
    – The markers for required fields in the “Address” tab have been added. Also, the column names in the add/edit customer form have been corrected.
    – In this version of Store Manager, the display of information on the product import progress has been enhanced.
    – An issue with images when updating all products on the website with IceCat Integration has been fixed in the new version of the addon
    – eBay Integration has been renewed to v. From now on, the store language is being saved correctly. In addition, an issue with filling in the information in the “Shipping Details” section in the listing settings has been eliminated.
    – Now after the Remove button is pressed in the product grid, Store Manager asks for confirmation before removing product(s) from a selected category.


    – An inconvenience with column titles display in the lower product grid when using Dutch in the software interface has been fixed.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

    – OpenCart is now supported.
    – Store Manager has been optimized to work with a large amount of products (100K +)
    – In the Image Preview window, it is now possible to zoom images. Also, the possibility to switch between images within one product has been added.
    – PHP Bridge 7.75 has been released. Now it is possible to use bridge connection even if MySQL server has Strict mode enabled.
    – eBay Integration has been updated to v. and now available FREE of charge. The new version supports product export to eBay Motors US and handles export of a large number of products (25K +)
    – ICEcat Integration v. has been released. The updated addon automatically checks language availability for Full ICEcat accounts. Now, UPC can be used to find matching products, the fields available for mapping are now listed in the drop-down.
    – A new version of the QuickBooks Integration with minor fixes has been added to Store Manager.
    – TLS 1.2 has been implemented. It is strongly recommended to update to the latest version.


    – In POS, Store Manager now correctly displays the customer group for a selected customer.
    – An issue when Store Manager allowed creating an order with a disabled or with the “0” quantity product has been fixed.
    – An error when Store Manager allowed uploading an image with the format not supported by OpenCart has been corrected.
    – An error with identifying the store root directory when testing FTP connection has been fixed.
    – Now product images are uploaded into the default directory on the server.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Monday, October 8th, 2018
    – OpenCart filters support has been added in current release of Store Manager. Now, users can add, edit and delete filter for OpenCart products and categories.

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