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Store Manager for OpenCart Release Notes

  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
    – Previously, when purchasing a product with an option for which the number was specified, the quantity of the product changed and for option stayed the same. This inconvenience has been fixed in current version of Store Manager.
    – Product data import containing special symbols has been fixed and now they are uploaded correctly.
    – Reward points were copied only for default customer group when copying or cloning products with reward points, added to different customer groups. Now, this inconvenience is eliminated and they are replicated to all customer groups.
    – In some cases, the images were not added to products using import option in Store Manager. This issue has been fixed and now the images are correctly uploaded.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
    – Import products from QuickBooks has been improved. Now, the additional category is not assigned to the existing store products during import process. The category is assigned/created only for new products.
    – Previously, the list of product option values displayed in order of creation. Now, they are displayed in alphabetical order.
    – Sorting categories has been changed in current version of Store Manager and now they are classified in alphabetical order as well.
    – “Remove images before import” option at the step of Product Import Wizard has been added.
    – “Remove product(s) from current category(ies)” option at the Import Options step of product import is now disabled by default.

    – In some cases, SSL Version settings in Preferences were not applied to store connections configured via HTTPS protocol. The issue has been fixed.
    – For multilingual OpenCart stores, product “Stock Status” field value was duplicated according to the number of languages. This inconvenience has been eliminated.
    – Previously, when performing Get data from web, a message about clearing all pending commands appeared even when there were no changes to post. This issue has been fixed.
    – Store configuration file contained additional information about other configured connections. It has been fixed in this version of the application.
    – Previously, “State” column value in Shipping and Billing address was not exported when exporting customers to QuickBooks. Now, this issue is fixed.
    – Earlier, related products were not copied/cloned with the main one. This inconvenience has been corrected.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, October 25th, 2017
    – A scrollbar has been added to the field list in the search form.
    – Receipt printing via till printer feature has been added to POS in this version of OpenCart Store Manager.

    – Previously payment and delivery methods were not displayed in POS when using bridge type of connection. The issue has been fixed, and now payments and shipping are correctly displayed.
    – Access violation error emerging in some cases when completing operations in POS has been fixed.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
    – Incorrect category import on multilingual OpenCart stores has been fixed. Now category will be created correctly in case “If category is not found then create new category” option is enabled in the import wizard.
  • Store Manager for OpenCart Version:
    Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
    – “Create New Order” button displays in POS after invoice generation. It allows to create new order directly from this page without reopening POS window.
    – Lower grid (“Option” tab) refreshing has been optimized.

    – Option values were not copied when a product was cloned in Store Manager. The issue has been fixed and product details are cloned properly.
    – Text alignment issue that occurred in “Parent” field of category edit grid has been fixed.