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Set Up OpenCart Cron Import. Step-by-Step Tutorial

Maintaining OpenCart online store you need to periodically perform one and the same operations, like refreshing your inventory listings, change prices according to those provided by supplier, add seasonal discounts etc.

Are you already sick and tired of clicking Catalog -> Products and editing your products one by one? Of course, since OpenCart core functionality does not include import/export tool by default, you might have already been considering some import modules that can put an end to manual product update.

If you need to repeatedly perform import and synchronize data at your store and supplier’s site, we are recommending to consider OpenCart cron import hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or whatever you choose. This way you will completely automate product update and will just checking results after the procedure ends.

However, if hearing ‘cron’ right away means for you lines of code and you are not so technically skilled, there is another way-out - a combination of desktop applications Store Manager for OpenCart and Automated Product Import addon. These software used together make possible to create import configurations and schedule them to be running at predefined period of time.


Store Manager is Windows application, so its installation is as easy as when you install any desktop program. Basically, you are clicking a few times “Next”. After the installation you run Connection Wizard to see data from your store.

automated product import
automated product import

Automated Product Import addon does not require additional installation, as it already comes in package in Demo mode (10 records can be imported). To be able to run autoimport and upload all necessary products from the file, the addon should be purchased separately and registered within main application.

automated product import
automated product import

Import Configuration Setup

First of all, you need to open Addons section of Ribbon menu and choose Automated Product Import. In the window opened you will see all available OpenCart auto-import related options you can use.

To create import configuration with all indicated settings, you need to press appropriate button at the toolbar.

Next you have to indicate from which file scheduled import will take information. It is possible to import from file saved locally or remotely using HTTP or FTP link with access to the file. As for file format, you are able to upload information from spreadsheets of CSV, TXT, XML, XLS, XLSX and ODS formats.

automated product import
automated product import

Further you need to indicate the same delimiter symbols as were used to separate data in your file. You can right away check if correct value was chosen in preview window.

automated product import
automated product import

In base formats window you will see your Windows settings used for date and time detected automatically. They can be changed if necessary.

automated product import
automated product import

The step where you have to link csv columns to database fields is very important, since no matter what are the names of columns in your file, they can be mapped and placed to appropriate tables of your database.

Do not forget about identifier which is used to check whether products already exist in your catalog or not.

automated product import
automated product import

You will be able to once again check if you have mapped the fields correctly at the next step, showing you preview of future import.

Additional settings can be configured at ‘Import Options’ step. For example, here you can indicate the category/manufacturer for products you upload in case there is no any specified in the file. Moreover, here there is very important setting without which images will not be uploaded.

automated product import
automated product import

Once again, you will be able to preview all the settings made at the corresponding step of the process. Here you also need to indicate configuration name and save the settings made.

automated product import
automated product import

Schedule Import

You can create as many import configurations as you need, but you have to schedule them to be running in turns: the first import should finish till the time when second import starts. This functionality is very useful if you need your store to “communicate” with various suppliers.

So when you have indicated all the settings for one of configurations you need to select to from drop-down list at the menu and press ‘Add Current Import’ to Scheduler button.

Here you indicate the regularity and exact time when OpenCart import will be automatically running.

automated product import
automated product import

Results Viewing

You will be able to see import history with the help of snapshots, showing you data before and after upload. This way you will have this info visualized and just a quick look at it will help you to always be abreast of what happened at your store.

Set up OpenCart cron import without complicated scripts, which always need to be adjusted after shopping cart upgrade and other changes. Make automated product import simple, trying it free -


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