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Simplify Accounting by Integrating Your OpenCart with QuickBooks

opencart quickbook
opencart quickbook

Date: January 29h, 2014

Online stores are coming in different shapes and sizes. No matter if you have just started you OpenCart shop, already established your online business or expanded it to retail company, you will face the same challenges - keeping accounting up-to-date, tracking inventory, managing customers and processing orders. The problem is that very often you are using different systems for handling basically the same data. So most likely you are reentering the same information to multiple managing systems manually or use complicated spreadsheets to perform the task. This makes you do the same work twice, wasting your valuable time and moreover, increases the risk or error occurrence that often happens during manual data entering.

This is where you might need to integrate your OpenCart-based store and QuickBooks accounting to be able to manage the same store data from one place. Link those two systems into one and handle accounting directly from your PC with OpenCart QuickBooks Integration addon to Store Manager for OpenCart.

The solution will streamline your data management, enabling you to perform the following procedures:

  • Export products from OpenCart to QuickBooks
  • Load customers there
  • Take orders created in your OpenCart store and bring them to the mentioned accounting system
  • Import products from QuickBooks to your online store.

For each operation accomplishing there is separate wizard, so selecting appropriate action you can accurately and in turns export/import necessary details. This way you will do necessary settings related to particular data type you are loading and avoid error occurrence comparing to manual data input. Besides, you can select the entries you would like to bring to/from QuickBooks simply selecting them from the list or making use of wide range of built-in and custom filters available in the software.

Please note: Before calling up QuickBooks Integration addon, QuickBooks installation should be running. Alternatively you can connect to it specifying QuickBooks company data file.

Let’s see what are main settings at each stage of QuickBooks data export or import.

Export Products to QuickBooks

At the initial steps of the procedure of upload products from OpenCart to Quickbooks you need to indicate basic settings that will be used for fitting products to requirements of accounting system itself. You need to specify product options: whether the items are of inventory part or other type and what required by QuickBooks entity details should be taken from your OpenCart (for example as products description visible at QuickBooks you can take actual product description or other details, like name etc). Moreover, depending on the fact if your products are already at QuickBooks and should be modified or need to be added there, you need to select import/export method (create and modify, create only or modify only).

opencart quickbook
opencart quickbook

In case there are some custom fields, they can be mapped to fields available in QuickBooks. Further you also need to automatically or manually map products from your store to QuickBooks items.

opencart quickbook
opencart quickbook

Export Customers to QuickBooks

Basically the procedure is the same, but for some settings peculiar to customer-related data, like customers identification method selection (for search of already existing customers and duplicates avoiding), setting taxes and modifying additional information.

opencart quickbook
opencart quickbook

Export Order Data from OpenCart to QuickBooks

It is worth to mention that orders cannot be updated, only created.

Since it’s impossible to create orders without customers who placed the purchase, you need to designate customer identifier. Additional settings include indicating taxes, discounts, export shipping and other making order updates, for instance modify order item price, assign exported orders to certain customer, etc.

opencart quickbook
opencart quickbook

Import Products to QuickBooks

Products can go through double synchronization, namely, they not only can be brought to QuickBooks, but also taken from there and imported back to your OpenCart store. Here it is important to specify import method (create and modify, only create or only modify), product type and fields that need to be updated in your OpenCart database.

opencart quickbook
opencart quickbook

Set up OpenCart - QuickBooks integration and bring accounting to your PC with Store Manager for OpenCart and QuickBooks addon.

Detailed instructions you can find here -


By Maria Kvasnytska

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