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Update Your OpenCart Products with Details from ICECat

opencart icecat
opencart icecat

Very often store owners receive from their suppliers product feeds with some missing details like long or short description, images and some specifications. Even when online entrepreneur adds products to store on his/her own, you can imagine how much time is spent on including all the details and double-checking if there were no mistakes made.

Have you also experienced this difficulty and already tired of it? Then you must be looking for the way to better manage your entities, especially when catalog becomes massive since number of products is increasing.

How to automate the process and update your existing goods with correct details instead of looking for them over Internet or creating own descriptions or images? Make use of huge base of invaluable resources for webmasters - ICECat catalog. There are gathered and structurized high-quality images, refined descriptions and other features about different products sold on the market.

If you have developed cooperation and have in your shop large number of products from different manufacturers and popular brands and want better coverage of product details, you can register account at icecat.biz.

What basically is ICECat what can it can bring to you?

ICECAT is a big portal that provides electronic products content. There is free version (Open ICECat) and paid one (Full one). Free version includes product descriptions, images and specifications, while paid version contains cross-sell and up-sales functions. Moreover, information base of Full ICECat is wider and more matches can be found there.

After account registration, you will be able to look for the same products as you sell and see all product details, specifications, reviews and options available in catalog.

It is already half of work done, because now you have access to information, but how to bring it to your shop in other way than manual copy&paste?

How to Integrate OpenCart and IceCat?

To retrieve data from IceCat and massively update details on your OpenCart products you will need additional software - Store Manager for OpenCart and its addon called IceCat Integration. In a few clicks you can massively find on ICECat matches of your goods and apply to them the following information: long and short description, manufacturer, multiple images, specifications, features etc.

How in particular ICECat - OpenCart Integration works?

When you have the software installed on your PC (with ICECat addon registered within it) and account at ICEcat ready, you can from OpenCart ICECat Integration addon connect to your account. Set up necessary search settings like language, mapping parameter (ICECat code, EAN, product code or name).

opencart icecat
opencart icecat

Further you need to categorize listings (select those categories you want to update with information) and check manufacturers to include.

opencart icecat
opencart icecat

When the matches to your items are found at ICECat you can proceed to data synchronization.

If matches are found, the descriptions and images are automatically linked to the product and are displayed in the webshop.

No hard configuration, no extra requirements or programming needed. Just a few steps and you are ready to go. Try out how easy can be content management integrating your OpenCart with ICECat!

By Maria Kvasnytska

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