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OpenCart Import – Supported File Formats

Absolute advantage of OpenCart import from the file is that you can transfer product details to OpenCart in bulk without manual info arrangement and re-entering. Respectively, the products, you are going to upload and product related details should be structured within a file.

As it is generally known, OpenCart import files can be of different types (formats) and it really matters what formats can be handled by the import tool you have at disposal. Format specifies the way product information is arranged and correspondingly if the means you use for file transfer does not support some file format, you won’t be available to create or update merchandise.

opencart import
opencart import

Store Manager for OpenCart does not restrict feeds, you can import from, to one or two specific formats. Range of formats, supported by import wizard, is sufficient enough to make data upload flexible and more approachable. Below you can find list of formats, you can transfer data from, aspects to consider when carrying out OpenCart import and samples for each file type.

Comma Separated Values File (.csv)

CSV files are used by OpenCart import utilities and are actually simple text files populated with rows of data. Spreadsheets of this type have the following characteristics:

  • field titles are indicated in the first file row
  • file character set is UTF-8
  • usually comma is used as a file separator, though other symbols can be applied

When you perform import to OpenCart, you should make sure that the file incorporates product identifier.

Download .csv feed or its zipped version

Extensible Markup Language File (.xml)

Files of this type are characterized by “tree” structure. Product associated details are organized within nodes. Each line of .xml file has a pair of opening and closed tags.

If OpenCart import file you use is marked as .xml, you should proceed with data converting and transform it to .csv. It’s important to point out correct product base node and transform method.

Download .xml file example or its zipped version

Excel File (.xls/.xlsx)

Excel data is organized in rows, field names being accessible in the top file line. XLS/XLSX file can incorporate several sheets and when you perform OpenCart data transfer from the file you must indicate what exactly sheet products will be taken from.

Download .xls file sample or its zipped versionDownload .xls file sample or its zipped version

OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)

Files that come with .ods extension are created by OpenOffice tool and contains information arranged in columns and rows. ODS file can might consist of several sheets and, respectively, you are to choose what one will undergo the import process.

Download .ods file sample or its zipped version

Text File (.txt)

Text file embraces strings of text that might be processed by any tool that reads text. TXT file are to be saved in UTF-8 encoding.

Before uploading the file to OpenCart make sure field responsible for product identifier (product name, ID, Model).

Download .txt file sample or its zipped version

Irrespective of file type you use for data import, you must correctly set product related fields depending on whether you are updating products that have been created previously or creating new ones.

Store Manager does not impose strict requirements on the file, though if you are adding new products to your shop, it is obligatory to have the following fields in the file:

  • Product Model (SKU) - this is required field when you are going to create new merchandise and should contain unique value that may be used for product identifying in the process of data import (updates)
  • Product Name - provide names for products to be created
  • Status - set product status as Enabled, otherwise it will not be visible at the front-end

It is advisable to indicate product price, category and quantity in corresponding columns of data feed. If you are updating OpenCart goods, it is necessarily to provide product identifier and fields to be renewed in the file.

Store Manager for Opencart manages different file formats (.csv, .xml, .xsl/.xlsx. .ods, .txt) and does not set strict requirements for the import file. You can efficiently add new products to OpenCart or renew existing ones in the process of OpenCart import. Read related article on OpenCart data upload -


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You are not sure whether your file is suitable? Mail it and we will tell you what’s missing. Check my file!

By Ira Svedovetska

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