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OpenCart Order Managemement

More and more OpenCart orders - this is the aim of every store owner who is starting and managing online shop. However after first test order was placed and you can see it, there emerges the question - what now? You as administrator of OpenCart web shop have to understand that to handle orders and know what to do with them once they are received is very important task.

Thus, it is essential for store owners to make sure that they have at their disposal an efficient system for creation of new purchases and management of orders they received through their OpenCart online store.

Store Manager for OpenCart is ultimate tool to manage all order details from single Orders Management page accessible in the application after clicking at Store > Orders section of ribbon menu.

After you access this section, the application might ask you to run wizard. It is needed to retrieve and further handle all order-related information. Basically, wizard requires from you setting up some details and clicking a few times “Next”.

When you finish up the process, you will see the window that is divided into 4 sections and each contains particular information on available orders that were placed by your clients or created by you.

Available Orders

The first and main section lists all created orders and offers operations that are possible to perform to efficiently manage existing purchases and create new orders. Order-related operations are available in main menu or context menu appearing after right-clicking at any item in the list.

opencart order management
opencart order management

Basically, you can perform the following operations:

  • Add OpenCart order - after clicking this button you will see no additional windows opened for order creation, since all the details can be inputted in the tabs of “Edit order” grid.
  • Another means to create new order is using Point of Sale functionality that calls out new window using which it is possible by means of barcode scanner and hotkeys on your keyboard create new order with minimum efforts and in short time. Due to this, the procedure of order creation becomes greatly simplified and accelerated in speed.
  • For more information on POS functionality, read this article -

  • Edit selected orders - this option again will not redirect you to new window, but to the tabs of lower grid. This is especially useful, since you can go through orders available at your shop you can not only view details right away without opening each, but immediately change some of them if necessary. Moreover, if you select a few orders, you can modify their details in bulk, that considerably saves time when some information needs to be changed massively for great amount of orders.
  • What exactly information is available for alteration you can read further, when section “Edit Order(s)” will be discussed.

  • Delete selected orders - this option also allows to remove orders in bulk in case you do not need them to be in the list any more. this especially concerns your test orders you do check your OpenCart at the initial stages of usage, when you only starting your online store.
  • Edit customer - as you know, order is not possible without a person who placed it, so in case you need to modify any details related to client to which particular order(s) is/are assigned, you can do it right from this section without switching to Customers tab.
  • For statistical and accounting purposes you can also make use of such options as Invoice, Reports or Addons (Export orders to QuickBooks)
  • Export Grid - allows you to bring order information to the files of Excel, XML, HTML, TXT or CSV format.
  • Options to adjust the view of data like column width and options to set additional filter by column headers.

Edit Orders

As was already mentioned above, this section allows to view, append or edit order-related details. The obvious advantage is that you can go through the list of orders available at your shop and see details on them without opening each record.

The tabs contain information on customer who placed the order, order status, shipping and payment methods, ordered products and order history.

If you are creating new order, you have to fill in the fields marked by asterisks, since they are obligatory ones and without information in them the order will not be created.

opencart order management
opencart order management


This section of OpenCart Order Management window allows you to see order’s subtotal and total and recalculate values if necessary. Also there is the possibility to export details to spreadsheet for statistical or other purposes.

opencart order management
opencart order management


Sorting out of goods is indispensable part of their massive management of orders. In this section of Store Manager for OpenCart you can filter purchases by time period and order status. This way you can apply filter to view and manage only necessary items.

opencart order management
opencart order management

Handle your OpenCart orders easily with facilities Store Manager for OpenCart offers.

By Maria Kvasnytska

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