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Copy/ Paste and Clone OpenCart Products

There plenty of cases when store owner sells similar or just slightly different products. They can be from one manufacturer or from one series of products. It usually means that the items share lots of similar information and differ only in some aspects. For store owners selling of these products denotes the necessity to input the same details a few times, when adding entities to the catalog.

OpenCart copy/paste and clone products are some of the methods that can reduce the time spent on data entry, particularly if the data to be entered are similar. The mentioned functionality allows to create multiple typical entries by duplicating the original product and the changing a few fields to adjust them. Thus, there drops the need to reenter all the same data numerous times.

Store Manager for OpenCart has also been equipped with useful OpenCart clone and copy products functionality. It is available beginning from application’s version 1.7.0 (209) and higher. The options to help you replicate the products can be found in product grid as well as in context menu appearing after right-click at any product.

opencart copy clone
opencart copy clone

Let’s get the deeper insight into what these options can offer you.

Copy VS Clone. What’s the Difference?

OpenCart copy product button duplicates the selected product with all the details (images, attributes, options&values and other related info) and puts them on your clipboard from where it can be placed to any desired category or subcategory by means of “Paste” button.

OpenCart clone product option is basically one-click analog of copy-paste buttons. Using this action, the duplicated item will be placed to the same category to which original product was assigned. To see it make sure that ‘Filter by selected category’ is chosen. Cloned product will have its own ID number assigned.

opencart copy clone
opencart copy clone

Can Copy or Clone be Used to Assign Product to Multiple categories?

There is no need to do duplicates of one and the same product when you need it to be visible in multiple categories. For the mentioned purposes serves ‘Assign categories’ function that allows to link products to various categories without any duplicates.

opencart copy clone
opencart copy clone

Copy and clone options are used as starting point for creation of new products, when there are a lot of similar info you do not want to input again and again.

What Data are Copied from Original Product?

Basically, all of details: name, quantity, description, meta information, images, attributes, options&values, related products and additional fields and many more.

Can Copy/ Paste and Clone be Applied to Multiple Products?

Yes, this functionality can be used for massive product replication. Just remember further to modify copied products not to have duplicates of the same item.

OpenCart Copy/Paste and Clone products possibilities are available for immediate usage right after you download and setup Store Manager for OpenCart -


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