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OpenCart Product Filters

With the online retail offering wide range of OpenCart products web merchants should cut through abundance of wares they have at database on purpose to find necessary one(ones). At times you need to modify certain products - change quantity, set different product price or alter category assignment. How to extract exact items if you have large-scale OpenCart catalog?

OpenCart filters are felicitous way out. Filters let you reduce number of entities within OpenCart product list, filtering out products that do not conform to criteria indicated. It cuts time on product search and excuse you from lingering product catalog browsing.

Store Manager for OpenCart allows you to easily reach the product(s) you need, making use of product filtering functionality, it comprises.

Filter Products by Certain Criteria

Built-in OpenCart filters are accessible on product toolbar. You can filter wares by selected category(ies) - just enable “Filter by selected category(ies)” option (choose it from drop-down) and pick out required category(ies) or subcategory(ies) from the list given in categories section. In an instant products that belong to category(ies) or subcategory(ies) specified will be displayed in product grid. Having derived target OpenCart products you can accomplish necessary operations over them. To attain entire product list enable “Show all grouped” filtering option choosing it from the drop-down.

OpenCart product filter
OpenCart product filter

Reorder Rows Using Column Headings

This functionality gives you the possibility to sort OpenCart products using column headings. Rows will be arranged in descending or ascending sequence on condition that numeric values are specified in these rows (date products were added, quantity, weight, product ID). In the event that text is specified in rows, they will be sorted alphabetically (product name, product category, manufacturer, meta description). For example, clicking on Price column heading you will derive products sorted in the following way - the cheapest products will stand at the head of product list, below will be listed items, price of which increases and vice versa.

Beside each column name you can find an arrow. Pressing this arrow you will get list of checkboxes with ready values. Checking certain box you will get matching products. For example, you need to find products, quantity of which is 9999. For that you need to press an arrow beside quantity column heading and tick checkbox for 9999. Products, quantity of which is 9999, will be listed in the grid.

OpenCart product filter
OpenCart product filter

Create Custom Filters

To enhance product filtering you may create custom filters by certain parameters. Pressing arrow beside any of column heading, you will also derive Custom Filter checkbox in the menu. It provides you the possibility to designate your own filter parameters in special dialog box. For example, you need to modify products price of which varies from $30 to $150. To get these products, you need to specify conditions in the dialog box and press Ok button.

OpenCart product filter
OpenCart product filter

Providing effective sorting and filtering functionality for OpenCart products plays a major part in helping you find necessary products, what contributes to sustainable web store product management. Find details on Store Manager for OpenCart functionality - http://opencartmanager.com/

By Ira Svedovetska

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