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OpenCart Product Options and Values

Product variants are a great way to offer numerous options to customers without necessity to add separate but similar products to choose between. With OpenCart product options you won’t linger about adding each and every variant, since you can treat them as one product and give under the same product name.

As for example, you are going to sell sleeveless jackets. It comes without saying that there will be several sizes (let’s say S, M, L) and colours (e.g. black, white, green) of this garment. Will you prefer to add each variation (size+colour) manually or create just one product and assign variants to it by means of product options and OpenCart option values.

First of all, let’s differentiate product option and option value notions. Product option is an extra selection that customer can make on the product page when purchasing it. OpenCart product options are characteristics on the basis of which variations are being created. For example, colour and size act as product options and are created first. After this definite option values are assigned for appropriate options (size - S, M, L; colour - black, white, green).

Store Manager for OpenCart develops flexible and handy mechanism of product options and values handling. There is Options and Values section where you can arrange information on them. Below in this article you will find instruction on how to add product variants with the help of Store Manager application.

Create OpenCart Product Options

Options are created on the store level, not on the product level. It means, having created some option and its values once, you can assign it to multiple items further. There will be no need to add the same options and values again and again each time when you are to create variations of OpenCart products.

Thus, go to Options and Values section of Store Manager. You will attain the window, divided into four sections. Go to the section, responsible for OpenCart product options and click on Add New Option button on the toolbar. After this you should designate details on this option in the section below.

OpenCart product options and values
OpenCart product options and values

Here are the fields to be specified:

Name - input descriptive name of the option. In our case Colour and Size figure as names.

Type - specify type of selection clientele will make. All available types appear in drop-down. It is possible to choose between:

  • Radio - each item in option values list will have a circular radio button next to it. When option values are represented in such a way, customer will be able to select one option value only.
  • Checkbox - all the values will have square checkboxes next to them. When option values are organized in such a way, customers will be able to select more than one option value.
  • Text - in case you choose this type, there will be created single line text entry box, where buyers can input text.
  • Select - having specified this as type, you will create drop down box that will include all option values available and your customer will choose one of these options.
  • Textarea - this is similar to Text type, though represents multi-line entry box, so that buyers can add longer text.
  • File - if the option, you have added, allows to upload the file, you can specify this option type.
  • Date - specifying this option type you give customers the possibility to input date.
  • Time - this option allows customers to enter time.
  • Date and time - choosing this as option type you allow buyers to indicate date and time when making a purchase.

Sort order - not infrequently there might be more than one option referring to certain product. In this field you can determine in what order options will appear. The lower option number is, the higher position it will have in the list of options.

Add Necessary Values to Options Created

After the options are created, it’s necessary to add values to them for customers to choose between when adding products to the cart. It should be done in the same Options and Values window in the fields to the right. Click on Add New Value option on the toolbar and in the field below specify required information, namely, name and sort order. You can also upload an image for it.

OpenCart product options and values
OpenCart product options and values

Assign Options to OpenCart Products

Now options and values are created and it is time to assign OpenCart product options to necessary items. Hover over the catalog and select a products. Go to the lower grid and switch to Options tab. Press Add New Product Option(s) button on the toolbar and select an option from dropdown.

OpenCart product options and values
OpenCart product options and values

Then certain values should be added to this option in corresponding fields.

OpenCart product options and values
OpenCart product options and values

OpenCart options and values let you customize product catalog providing clientele different variants of products in convenient and fast way. Find out more on Store Manager functional capabilities - http://www.opencartmanager.com

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