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How to Set Up Connection to OpenCart Database

After Store Manager for OpenCart is installed on the PC or laptop, you are supposed to configure OpenCart database connection settings. If you do not set connection to store database, installed at the web server, you will not be able to work with it, view or handle information it contains.

Database connection can be defined as a session of work, opened by the program to communicate with specific MySQL server. Using Store Manager for OpenCart you can choose between the following types of OpenCart database connection: bridge connection, direct connection or HTTP tunnel. Optionally you can make the connection more secure and resort to direct connection via SSH.

In order to establish any of connections available, you should manually designate settings in Preferences -> Database Connection or use Connection Wizard and establish connection automatically in a few clicks.

Setting Up OpenCart Database Connection Using Connection Wizard

Connection wizard facilitates connection setup and makes it more of automatic character. Corresponding icon is disposed under Settings tab of the main menu and in Preferences section. Click on this icon to launch the wizard.

OpenCart connection to database
OpenCart connection to database

You are free to choose between Simple and Advanced Modes. Depending on the mode selected, you will proceed with definite settings. Below you can find short overview of both modes and settings they include.

Once you make the choice of Simple Mode, you will be transferred to the succeeding step where FTP settings must be inputted. Check whether inputted FTP details are correct and click on Next to move on.

OpenCart connection to database
OpenCart connection to database

On condition that OpenCart store URL has not been detected, provide it in this window of connection wizard.

OpenCart connection to database
OpenCart connection to database

The last wizard window provides you with details concerning database connection.

OpenCart connection to database
OpenCart connection to database

What about the Advanced Mode, connection wizard offers? The mechanism of connection configuring is the same as Simple Mode foresees. The difference is, when you use Advanced Mode, you can indicate what type of connection to OpenCart database you want to set up.

OpenCart connection to database
OpenCart connection to database

Depending on type of connection selected (direct, bridge or HTTP tunnel), you should proceed with corresponding settings. Step by step instruction on each type of connection is available at http://store-manager-for-opencart-documentation.emagicone.com/quick-start-guide/connection-wizard

Configure Database Connection Manually

As it was mentioned above, connection to web shop database can be set up in two ways. One of them (by means of connection wizard) has been already described. The second method expects you to manually designate connection settings in Preferences -> Database Connection.

Firstly add new configuration name and decide on connection type, checking radio button for it. Below there will appear setting fields, adhere to specified kind of connection to OpenCart database.

OpenCart connection to database
OpenCart connection to database

If you use direct connection to store database, all the modifications, you implement (updates, data uploads) will be instantly posted and displayed at the front-end. To establish this type of connection you must provide MySQL host, user name, password, database name. Detailed instruction can be found here - http://store-manager-for-opencart-documentation.emagicone.com/quick-start-guide/direct-connection-to-mysql-server

PHP MySQL bridge connection allows you to create copy of OpenCart database and work with it locally. You need to post changes manually each time you do alterations. Though this is faster type of connection, it behooves you to perform data synchronization regularly. Here is how to configure bridge connection and what information is demanded -


If you find connection via SSH convenient and suitable input setting as it is described here -


Tips on how to set direct connection through HTTP tunnel are available at


By Ira Svedovetska

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