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Assign Products to Categories Having Category ID, Name or Path in the Import File

Uploading merchandise to OpenCart you should consider what categories they will belong to. It is important, since you set correct category associations and ensure logical catalog organization, what let shoppers quickly reach desirable products and simplify store browsing.

Nevertheless products, you are going to import, will not get into proper category, until this category is provided in the file. In the other words, you are supposed to determine category identifier for them. Store Manager for OpenCart makes product upload flexible and lets assign merchandise to applicable categories having various identifiers in the file, namely full category path, category name only or category ID.

So, you might have ID, full category path or target category name only in the file and you import it to OpenCart with Store Manager. What should you pay attention to?

Category Path as Identifier

If full category path is specified in the file, you can use this as identifier in the course of OpenCart product import. For example, products should be uploaded to Monitors subcategory, disposed under Components category. The following category path should be used - Monitors|Components. There might occur the necessity to import products to several categories and, respectively, path to each category should be indicated in one column of the file. Category paths should be detached by double delimiter.

Look at the screenshot, representing a piece of file, where category paths are indicated.

Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories

Sample file contains several products only. The first two products in the file should be placed to two categories, respectively we include two category paths Desktop|Laptops and Notebook|Windows separated by double pipe.

Once the file is inspected, configure OpenCart product import settings via product import wizard. Pay attention to Import Options step.

Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories

Mind “Multiple value separator” field. Delimiter, used to separate category paths in the file, should be specified in this field. Do not forget to double the delimiter in the file between category paths. You should also select suitable category identifier, check radio button for Full Category Path option.

Category Name as Identifier

Sometimes you have only end-level category indicated in the import file and do not want to waste time adjusting it. Store Manager lets you upload merchandise and assign them to necessary categories if you have their names in the file.

Multiple category names, similarly to paths, should be parted by double terminating character, e.g Laptops||Windows. Check the screenshot with sample products and categories.

Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories

When configuring data upload settings, make sure separator, used to detach category names in the file, matches with that, indicated in “Multiple values separator” field in Import Options step. As to category identifiers, Category Name should be selected respectively.

Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories

Click Next button to move to Preview step of OpenCart product import wizard, check settings and, if everything has been designated properly, confirm the process.

Category ID as Identifier

Another way to assign OpenCart products to categories in the course of import is to use category IDs as identifiers. You might have categories created and want to add new merchandise to them, rearrange product-category associations or place products to more than one category. You can fulfill it having IDs of categories in the import spreadsheet.

Here is how category IDs in the file should be organized.

Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories

As it has been already mentioned above, you should consider terminating character, if more than one category is indicated for product. Category IDs, included in one column should be detached by double delimiter, and this very delimiter is to be set in “Multiple values separator” field of Import Options step. Evidently, category ID should be selected for identification.

If OpenCart import file misses categories, products should be assigned to or indicated categories do not exist at OpenCart, this is not the problem.

  1. Store Manager for OpenCart let’s you set category, products will be assigned to, on Import Options step.
  2. If specified in the file categories are not present at OpenCart and you want them to be added, check corresponding box on Import Options step of product upload wizard.

Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories
Import products to OpenCart categories

Store Manager for OpenCart knows how to perfect catalog managements, easily set category-product associations and bypass monotonous pre-import arrangements. Download free trial at opencart-manager.com/free-download and implement new practices to online store handling.

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