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How to Add Extra Fields to OpenCart Product Grid

Catalog management becomes far more convenient if various fields can be displayed on OpenCart product grid in backend. Respectively, you might need to change grid representation, add some OpenCart product fields to it or exclude ones, you do not need at the moment. Adjusting grid view, you undoubtedly simplify and accelerate data handling, since can quickly access desired fields and proceed with further manipulations.

Although, you may stumble upon the fact that OpenCart admin is not flexible enough and does not allow to change product grid. By default product name, image, model, price, quantity and status are available in the back-office. You can use these fields for filtering (descending or ascending order if numeric field is used or rearrange product rows alphabetically by text field) or instant product search.

Instead of looking for various methods to customize OpenCart product grid, you can resort to multifaceted Store Manager application and accomplish it is seconds. Beside the ability to instantly add/remove definite columns, store owners can take advantage of flexible product handling functionality and combining both, attain remarkable catalog management results.

What Fields Are Accessible and How to Add/Remove Them to/from Grid

First of all, we provide the list of fields, one can enable and get shown on the grid. Here they are: Name, ID, Category, Price, Status, SKU, Image, Model, Date Added, Date Modified, UPC, JAN, EAN, ISBN, MPN, Location, Quantity, Stock Status, Image Name, Manufacturer, Shipping, Points, Tax Class, Date Available, Weight, Viewed, Meta Description, Meta Keyword. To get them click on the icon, provided in the same row, column names are, as the screenshot below demonstrates and check box for the field if you want it to be added to the product grid.

Correspondingly, uncheck box for certain field, if it should be withdrawn.

Why Is Product Grid Customization Beneficial

As it has been stated above, tailored OpenCart product grid enhances product management and below you can find how exactly.

Instantaneous Product Search and Advanced Filters

Store Manager application lets filter goods by column headings or configure advanced filters for quick and more precise search. Thus you can enable any of above enumerated fields and sort items by it, in descending or ascending order if this is numeric column (ID, Price, Quantity, Weight, Viewed, Points) or alphabetically if text column is used for filtering (e.g Name, Category).

If there are some listings, not assigned to any category, you can quickly uncover them. Just enable “Show all products” filter on the product toolbar and sort products by Category in the grid. Merchandise, that miss category associations, will be displayed either at the list top or at the end. The same concerns images. Sorting products by Image column, one can find out those without main images.

There is filter icon beside each of column names. Click on it to expand custom filter window and designate filter conditions.

Bulk Modifications of Selected Products

Suppose there are products that do not have manufacturer assigned and you want to improve the matters. Sort the products by manufacturer, choose ones, having no manufacturer and bulk assign it in the product edit form.

Fulfil Cell Modifications

It is possible to implement product modifications directly in product grid. Editable fields are marked with pen, so you can catch them instantly. Just highlight the cell to be updated double clicking it and input necessary value. Updating numeric fields, you may make use of calculator, appearing in the cell you are going to edit.

Adjust Product Export

Store Manager comprises grid export, by means of which you can transfer products to .html, .xml, .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx files. File will show fields, enabled in the grid at the moment, so you can tailor export according to your needs and add or remove some fields before export.

Change product grid adding specific fields to it and take advantages of effective catalog management using advanced OpenCart application.

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