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How to Bulk Import Special Prices for OpenCart Products?

Starting from version 2.0.0 and higher, Store Manager for OpenCart application eliminates the tediousness of manual specials creation one-by-one. Instead, you can bulk add OpenCart special prices via import.

Let’s have a closer look at OpenCart special prices import file format, necessary for the procedure of upload.

File Format for OpenCart Specials Import

Specials in OpenCart are usually discounted price, offered for definite customer groups for definite period of time. Respectively, during import you need to indicate these data in the file.

Store Manager for OpenCart supports import from files of different formats: CSV, TXT, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT and ODS Try FREE

Basically, you need only column with special price(s) and customer group(s). If you wish to specify additional data for the special price, the columns and format of values should be the following:

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

  • Special price - the numeric price value for which the product will be sold. Usually special price is discounted comparing to regular price, that will be visible as crossed at the front-end.
  • Special customer group - in this column should be specified the name of customer group for which you would like to offer special prices.

  • Important! Your customer group should be created in advance. In your file you need to use exactly the same customer group name as you have in ‘Customers’ section of the application. Even extra spaces may cause mismatches, so pay proper attention to this field.

  • Special date start - the date when special price comes into effect.
  • Special date end - the time period after which the special price will be deactivated.
  • Special priority - this field is useful when you have multiple specials applied for the same product or if you created other means to reduce price on your products (discounts, reward points etc). Adding a priority number will determine if the special price will be applied.
  • If you want to add special prices to existing products, you should have in the file column with identifier, like Model, SKU, UPS, EAN or other unique value.

If you are importing new products, do not forget to include other info necessary for product creation.

For multiple special prices assigned to one product you need to separate values in the above mentioned columns by special separator symbol. By default pipe (|) is used, though you may have other symbol in the file. In this case you need to indicate it at the appropriate step of import (see explanation of import settings below).

Check the screenshot with the example of how info on multiple specials can be structured in your spreadsheet:

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

OpenCart Special Prices Import Settings

When the file with necessary details is ready, you can go ahead to configure import settings.

To execute import procedure in Store Manager for OpenCart, you need to use Export/Import Wizard. It is called via ribbon menu, main product toolbar or context menu.

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

1) After you choose ‘Import’, the next step will be file selection. You can import either file saved locally at your computer or remote one, placed at remote server and accessible via direct http link or with ftp credentials to it.

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

2) At the next step you need to select delimiters used in the file. Depending on symbols chosen, you can right away review if the file was parsed properly.

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

3) Further you can map your file columns of database fields. This is beneficial in case your supplier provides you feeds with updated info and headers are named is some specific way. So you can link file columns to database fields without manual file adjusting.

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

Moreover, in case there are some important values missing, they can be set right during import. You can also combine, change, update the definite information using special formulas available via Expression Editor.

Note! You need to select identification field(s) for the software to check whether you are importing new products or these goods already exist in database and should be updated with details in the file.

4) Finally, at the last step of import, import options are available to configure.

The important settings for specials import are:

  • import method - choose among 4 variants of import behaviour.
  • multiple values separator - indicate the same value that is used in your file to separate specials, in case you have got a few of them.
  • delete special prices before import - this option should be checked in case the products already have specials and you want to overwrite them.

Important! If you want to make adjustments and update your existing special prices, you also need to check this option, otherwise specials will be duplicated after import.

5) Moving next you will be able to once again review import settings you have made and save configuration for your future uploads. Hit ‘Import’ and you will see logs, notifying you that the procedure is completed.

opencart import specials
opencart import specials

Press "Finish" and check the results.

Add Special Prices to your OpenCart products Easily! Import FREE

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