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How to Import Attributes into OpenCart?

Are you tired from adding attributes to OpenCart products one-by-one? There is the solution. Beginning from ver. 1.15.0 and higher of Store Manager for OpenCart - import of attributes and their values has been added.

You can import multiple attributes to OpenCart, associating them with new products you upload in the same file or updating existing in database goods with attributes.

Attribute Groups, Attributes and Attribute Values

Before getting down to the task itself, you need to clearly define for yourself that in OpenCart attributes can belong to certain group (a few attributes can be associated together) and when the attribute is added to product, it has got a value assigned.

Imagine you are selling cameras and such types of products have lots of different specs. If you do not want to include this info in description and would like to separate it into smartly-organized table, you can make use of attributes.

For example, you want to indicate camera’s dimensions: width - 15,2 cm; height 11,64 cm and depth 7,64 cm.

So attribute group will be - Dimensions. Width, height and depth are attributes and 5,2 cm, 11,64 cm and 7,64 cm will be attribute values for corresponding attributes.

How Attributes are Displayed at the Front-End?

With default template, newly created and assigned to products attributes are displayed in ‘Specification’ tab at the product page.

opencacart import attribures
opencacart import attribures

How to Perform OpenCart Attributes Import?

In this tutorial it will be shown how to upload multiple OpenCart attributes belonging to various attribute groups.

The aim of import is to achieve the result as on picture below -

opencacart import attribures
opencacart import attribures

As you can see, there are 3 attribute groups:

  1. Picture quality with attributes ‘Camera Type’, ‘Megapixel’, ‘Sensor type’
  2. Display with attributes ‘Display diagonal’ and ‘Display resolution’
  3. Battery with attributes ‘Battery technology’ and ‘Battery type’

A) File Format

To import all of this attribute-related info into OpenCart, you need to format your file and include the following fields -

- attributes_groups - with names of attribute groups. If you have a few attributes belonging to the same attribute group, you need to include the same attribute name as many times as attributes you have.

In our example, we have 3 attribute groups and 2 of them have 2 attributes each and one of them has 3 attributes assigned, so you need to format the column this way:

Picture quality|Picture quality|Picture quality|Display|Display|Battery|Battery

Attribute groups are separated by delimiter symbol, in our case it is pipe. You need to indicate delimiter symbol used in the file at the appropriate step of import, so keep reading.

- attributes_names - there you input the names of attributes. As per our example, they are ‘Camera Type’, ‘Megapixel’, ‘Sensor type’, ‘Display resolution’ etc.

- attributes_texts - in this column you should enter attribute values corresponding to indicated attributes.

Important! The position of attribute groups, attribute names and attribute values are interdependent. Please mind to indicate appropriate values for corresponding attributes, like in example below:
opencacart import attribures
opencacart import attribures

If you have different languages enabled and want to have product attributes in those languages, you need to include in your file additional columns for them

opencacart import attribures
opencacart import attribures

New products with attributes: If you are importing new products do not forget also to include other columns to your spreadsheet, like name, model, status, price, quantity etc.

Update existing products with attributes: If you are updating existing products, mind to include column for product identification with some unique value - like products Model or SKU etc, in order to assign attributes to correct products.

B) Import Settings

After your file was correctly formatted for import, you can proceed to upload.

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You can check detailed step-by-step OpenCart import instructions in related article -


You need to pay special attention to the last import step, where you indicate import settings. Above we have discussed that multiple values in your file are separated by delimiter symbol. So at this step you need to point out what separator has been used.

opencacart import attribures
opencacart import attribures

Using attribute groups and attributes with products will help raise the level of customer satisfaction.

Provide your customers more information on product to influence their purchasing decision. Import attributes to OpenCart products in bulk with Store Manager!

Bulk upload attributes to OpenCart with Store Manager for OpenCart! Import FREE

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