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How to Import Product Options & Values in OpenCart?

Starting from version of Store Manager for OpenCart, import of products options and values functionality has been implemented.

OpenCart product options&values import via the application requires them to be formatted specifically for the upload, though once set up you can benefit from ability to bulk append product variations instead of spending hours on adding options&values manually.

This article includes detailed description of product options import into OpenCart as well as file example for you to download and check the spreadsheet format suitable for upload.

What are OpenCart Options&Values?

Options in OpenCart are used to create some kind of variation, a choice or product configuration that customer can make right from one and the same item’s page.

OpenCart Options Types

OpenCart supports many types for options to make sure they fit any store owners’ purpose. Basically they can be roughly divided into 2 groups: one-component options (with one value) and multiple-component options (with multiple-select values).

To options with single value belong the following: ‘text’, ‘text area’, ‘file’, ‘date and time’. Their names speak for themselves and need no detailed explanation.

The options with multiple-select values are of 4 types:

  • ‘Select’ type provides a drop-­down with different options.
  • ‘Radio’ type provides radio buttons for each option. Radio button is similar to checkbox, but with this type the shopper will be able to select only one of offered values.
  • ‘Checkbox’ provides different checkboxes for each option to select multiple values.
  • ‘Image’ is somewhat similar to the Radio option type, but a user is presented with different images to choose from, instead of just text. For those images to show up, they should be assigned to each value of ‘Image’ type option in ‘Options’ section.

Options&Values Import File Format

The spreadsheet for import of options&values is formatted depending on option types you want to include, their number and quantity of values.

Let’s have a look at columns responsible for options&values upload and check what info to include in them using the examples.

options_names - here you need to input names of your options, in case you have multiple values for one and the same option, the option name should be included a few times. For example, if you have shoes in 3 sizes (have 3 values to option - ‘Size’) and 2 colors, in this column you need to include name ‘Size’ 3 times and separate them with separator (for example pipe symbol - |) and include in the same cell ‘Color’ repeated 2 times as well and separated by delimiter.

import options and values
import options and values

Note: One-component option values you need to indicate in column ‘options_values’ and values of multiple-component options in column ‘options_values_names’.

options_values - column serves for inputting values for single-value options. For example, if you in file have ‘CPU frequency’ option of textarea type with one value - 200 Hz and multiple select option ‘Color’ with 2 values - Black and White. The file should be formatted this way -

import options and values
import options and values

options_values_names - indicate option values names. Multiple values should be separated by delimiter (pipe or other symbol) and their order should correspond to options names.

For example, if you have 3 sizes and 2 colors, the file should be formatted in this way -

import options and values
import options and values

Store Manager for Opencart allows to associate existing options and values during import as well as add new ones on-the-fly (without creating them in Options tab beforehand). If you are importing new options that are not yet added to your database, you need to include in your file column options_types

options_types - specify to which type the imported options belong. One and the same option can belong to one type only -

import options and values
import options and values

You can make additional option settings having in the file the following columns with information in them:

options_required - field is responsible for making this option obligatory for selection for client before adding the product to cart. Put ‘0’ for no, and ‘1’ for yes.

options_sort_orders - column serves for sorting options, in case you have multiple of them. For example, you have color and size options and you want buyers first see color selection. So you need to format the column this way -

import options and values
import options and values

options_values_images - allows to import images for option values: include image name and extension, like image1.jpg. This is especially useful for ‘Image’ option type, where person sees picture, for example, it can be color.

import options and values
import options and values

options_values_points - is for amount of reward points corresponding to each combination.

options_values_points_prefixes, options_values_prices_prefixes, options_values_weights_prefixes - plus or minus depending on the need to add or subtract the value (respectively points, prices, weight)

options_values_prices - markups or markdowns to/from the main product price (depending on + or - set in price prefixes field).

options_values_quantities - quantity available for each option variation.

options_values_sort_orders - position of option values display at product page (in case multiple values options are used).

options_values_subtract - if you put 1 - it means that stock will be subtracted, 0 means it won’t be reduced.

If you have different languages enabled and want to have product options details in those languages, you need to include in your file columns for them (with language ISO code)
import options and values
import options and values

Please note, that you are importing new products with options&values you need also include the fields responsible for product display at the front-end, like model (sku), quantity, status, images etc.

File Example

Above you have seen detailed explanation with screenshots, here you can also download the example of properly formatted file for options import using Store Manager for OpenCart -

Download options&values import sample file

Import File with Options & Values into OpenCart

Store Manager for OpenCart supports import of products and related details from the files of CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT and ODS formats.

Download 14-day version of Store Manager for OpenCart to try with me in this tutorial! Try FREE

If you have the feed with information for import ready, perform the following upload steps:

  1. Run Import/Export Wizard of Store Manager for OpenCart.

  2. Select file you are going to use to import data. You can use either local file saved on your PC or remote one, for example placed on supplier’s FTP or the one that can be accessed using HTTP link.

  3. import options and values
    import options and values

  4. Select delimiter characters that are used to separate columns and details in them in the spreadsheet. In preview you will be able to see if correct values were indicated and if file is parsing properly.

  5. import options and values
    import options and values

  6. Map CSV column names to OpenCart database names (in case the column headings correspond to database names, they will be linked automatically).
  7. Pay special attention to identification fields. Make sure that you have included in the file column with some unique products identifiers that will be used for goods appending and modifications.

    import options and values
    import options and values

  8. Import settings step includes the important configuration options, like -

  9. import options and values
    import options and values

    - import method (whether to add and modify data; only add new info from the file and not modify existing; only update existing products using details included in your file and do not add new; or add imported products as new and do not check if the same exist in your database)

    - manufacturer, images and category options allow you to set additional settings for these entities

    - Options&Values settings allows to regenerate options & values in case they already exist in your database. If you import new options&values for your goods you can leave this box unchecked.

    Important! If you have in file options&values that already are assigned to your products, check ‘Regenerate options&values’ box, otherwise options&values will be duplicated after import.

  10. After all the settings are set, you can run import and save created configuration for future uploads.

  11. You will see logs on the procedure progress and after it finishes you can check the results.

import options and values
import options and values

Create product variations without creating different products with OpenCart options & values.

Try OpenCart product options&values import FREE with Store Manager application!Download free

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