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Make OpenCart Import from XML Feeds Running Smoothly

OpenCart import is a great way to automate the process of adding new products to OpenCart, regularly update product stock, prices and other details. As is generally known, products and associated information should be arranged in the file and in the process of data transfer one has to indicate what file product information will be taken from. In such a way file format really matters.

You may encounter difficulties, since your import tool might not support all the file formats and you need to convert the spreadsheets to make them suitable for import. Oftentimes, your suppliers provide you with .xml files what are not acceptable by your import tool and you need to proceed with extra work and transform .xml to .csv for OpenCart products to be uploaded or updated successfully. Structure of .xml file differs from that of .csv files and you need to convert data accurately to preserve file consistency and integrity.

This question becomes especially urgent when you operate with great variety of products, since it takes too much time and can be accompanied with inaccuracies. For that very reason OpenCart users prefer to use alternative solutions that comprise flexible and advanced OpenCart import from .xml functionality for more convenient and fast data upload.

Store Manager for OpenCart accepts various file formats, including .xml files. If some of the suppliers sent your data in .xml, you do not need to make a fuss over file adjustments, Store Manager will do everything for you.

Why Is It Advantageous to Import with Store Manager?

  • Store Manager itself converts .xml data to .csv, you need to define conversion options only
  • OpenCart import from xml is being accomplished by means of the import wizard. The wizard acts like a guide and prompts at each step of import configuring
  • you may use previously saved import settings to bypass configuring each time you run data upload
  • it’s possible to upload files placed locally or those from HTTP or FTP links
  • you are allowed to upload local or remote product images with Store Manager application

How Is OpenCart Import from XML Organized?

As it was mentioned above, products and related information are imported via the wizard tool. Launch it from Store section, product toolbar or the context menu and opt for import process. Having specified the file for OpenCart data transfer, you will move to File Conversion Options step, what is crucial and influences data transformation. First of all, you should specify what is the base product node, that is, the node which contains information on OpenCart product. After that you are supposed to choose correct transform mode and properly link nodes of .xml file to .csv file columns.

OpenCart import from xml
OpenCart import from xml

Once the file has been converted, you will proceed with usual .csv data import. Preview window of the wizard demonstrates you converted information, so that you can check whether transformation options had been specified in a proper way.

For products to be uploaded or updated successfully you should specify what field at database this or that .csv file column should refer to.

OpenCart import from xml
OpenCart import from xml

One more thing you should do before importing data to OpenCart is to designate import options. Indicate whether you are creating new products only, only modifying existing items or modifying existing and creating new products. Whenever you are uploading OpenCart product images, don’t miss Upload Images checkbox below. Moreover, Store Manager allows you to manage product categories right in the process of data import. Whenever there is no category provided in the file, it is possible to choose existing category in this window. If categories, indicated in the file, do not exist in OpenCart, they will be automatically created in the process of OpenCart import.

OpenCart import from xml
OpenCart import from xml

OpenCart import from .xml is the most productive way of your store catalog handling. Entrust this top-notch task to Store Manager for OpenCart application and fulfil data transfer accurately.

Read related article and discover all the advantages of automated data upload to OpenCart - http://www.opencartmanager.com/useful-articles/addons/make-your-opencart-product-import-running-automatically-on-schedule.

By Ira Svedovetska

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