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Modify Prices by Percentage/ Amount in OpenCart

opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

Maintaining your Opencart store, at times there might occur the desire or need to update the prices for multiple or even all products in catalog at once. Perhaps you are offering your products with some % off, since you want to bring more orders or you may simply face the necessity to change your prices due to an increase in supplies.

There isn’t a quick way of doing this in OpenCart, but it can be done. There are some OpenCart extensions that can help bulk modify product prices, however, most of them allow editing prices of each individual product one-by-one, indicating new price and manually calculating discount value.

If you have more than a handful of products and running several sales campaigns a month, this would be a full time job for you. So if you need to modify prices considerably often for multiple products in bulk, you need to think about extension that allows you to change product price by fixed value (when suppliers provide you the file with new prices) as well as by percentage (when you want to offer discount or need price mark-up).

Store Manager for OpenCart allows you a way of setting updated product prices based on pattern: current price +/- percentage or value.

Setting OpenCart Product Price Value

Using Store Manager for OpenCart you can select goods for which you need to modify price and in the lower grid indicate value for which you would like to sell these entities. This variant is good when you need to set the same price for the number of items.

opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

In case price changes are introduced by manufacturer and provided to you in the spreadsheet, you can apply new price values to all products by importing price lists using their identifiers like SKU, ID, Model, UPC, EAN etc.

It is also possible to perform on-the-fly data adjustments. Imagine that you need to change product price only in case the current one is bigger than in import file and if not, you wish to leave the price “as is”. For that you need to apply special expression rule during import:


INDEX stands for the number of column of your file where you have prices

opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

Changing OpenCart Product Price by Percentage

Let’s say you are planning promo and temporarily need to reduce price by 15%. There is no need to manually recalculate prices, just export products Model and Price to the file (2 fields are enough) and when importing it back apply the following expression formula:


opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

If you need to increase your current prices by 15%, importing the products you need to apply the following formula -


If you need to add markup to the price vendor has provided you, the formula will be the following -


opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

If needed you can round your prices and make them smart, having .99 at the end, the example of expression is the following -


opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

As a result you will get -

opencart price reductions
opencart price reductions

Every time the price of a product changes you can ensure your are always updated in a few clicks. You can use either set fixed prices or use percentages or even mix and match - all is possible with Store Manager for OpenCart.

More on-the-fly changes possible with Store Manager for OpenCart and expressions formulae find here -


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