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Setting Up Different Product Prices in OpenCart

One of the secrets of success is pricing your products properly. Good pricing strategy can increase the number of products sold, creating the foundation for a business that will prosper.

If you are an OpenCart retailer, you can set product prices in the way you like, so the product fee on the front-end can be changed relying on which taxes and discounts you have applied to them.

Regular Product Price

Open back-end administration dashboard and go to Catalog-> Products, select the necessary item or create new one and in the tab Data place value for which you need the product to be sold to the clients.

At the front-end this value will be displayed next to ‘Price’ -

opencart prices
opencart prices

Price With or Without Tax

In case your goods are not taxable, you might need to turn off price without tax displaying. For that you need to open System -> Settings-> Options and the field ‘Display Prices with Tax’ set to NO.

In case you would like for the clients to see under total price also tax-excluded value, you may turn on this option.

opencart prices
opencart prices

Show Price for Logged in Users Only

OpenCart Administration Dashboard lets you restrict the view of pricing for customers that are not logged in. The setting allowing this is also available in the same section mentioned above. You need to scroll down and select YES to show prices when a customer is logged in, or select NO if you want to display pricing on products regardless of customer login status.

opencart prices
opencart prices

Special Price for Customer Group

You may have seen on some websites a price of a product that's crossed out and discounted for a sale. It's a very good visual way to show how much a customer is saving.

opencart prices
opencart prices

Edit the product you want to discount and go to the "Special" tab. You can choose the customer group that it applies to, the new price of the product, and the dates the product will be at that price which is useful if you want to have a sale on a lot of products that starts and ends at a set time.

opencart prices
opencart prices

The number of special prices you can create is unlimited, so you can create multiple prices for different client groups, with various discount rates and activated at various periods of time.

Quantity Reductions

Using discount tab the store owner can force the buyers buy more for the reduced price. It is possible to indicated discounted price for number of units (of the same product). The customer must purchase minimum predefined number of product pieces to get them for reduced price.

opencart prices
opencart prices

Client will see it in this way -

opencart prices
opencart prices

Update Price

In case you would like to update product prices for some amount of products, for example when you are planning seasonal price reductions, you might look for the way to do it massively. Except of product import for the mentioned purposes, you can use Store Manager for OpenCart to implement bulk changes to selected products. Using the application you will be able to add or edit details for selected products in bulk.

opencart prices
opencart prices

Select your way to price products and manage item cost when necessary and without extra efforts. Update prices in OpenCart faster that you could ever imagine with Store Manager -


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