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Streamline Your Sales Adding Discounts, Specials, Reward Points to Your OpenCart Products

Date: March 13th, 2014

You can make your customer feel special if you provide some bonuses and encourage him/her to place the order. Shoppers are more likely to spend more at your store, knowing they will be rewarded for their loyalty. By creating special offers you can not only speed up their order-placing decision, but also make your clients return, hoping to get something more.

How to do that in OpenCart? By implementing discounted prices for products purchased in bulk (wholesale), setting up special prices, providing customers the ability to get loyalty points that can be used to reduce price at further purchases.

The beneficial is the fact that you can create various price reductions/bonuses to stimulate interest of different customer groups. It means that you can create a multitude of them, depending on your needs.

Let’s review in more details which reward and promotion techniques are available for the owners of OpenCart-based stores.

OpenCart Discounts

The discount is offered when you need to remunerate clients who are ordering a few pieces of the same product. In other words, the price for one piece may be $100, but using the quantity discount you can set that when the person is buying 2 pieces of one item, the cost will be $90 for each; when 5 pcs of one entity, each will be priced $80 etc. This information will be displayed only on product's detail page for the client to be aware of it.

opencart reward techniques
opencart reward techniques

Creating quantity discounts, you need to indicate the number of goods (of the same item) for which this rule will be applied, its priority (in case the conditions concur), price depending on quantity that should be added by client to cart and the duration of this offer.

OpenCart Specials

The special is an offer indicating that the product is on sale with reduced price comparing to its usual price. For instance, normally the price of product is $150, but for some definite period of time you make it special, setting it to $120. On the product page the old price will be crossed, showing that now it is sold by new, more convenient for buyer price he/she needs to hurry up to make use of the best offer.

opencart reward techniques
opencart reward techniques

Opencart Reward Points

Reward points are perfect means for making your clients return and buy something more from you. They can accumulate loyalty points with each new purchase or use them as payment (fully or partially) at the checkout.

For example, people who purchase a product can get points, then they can use those points to purchase other items at the same store. The amount of points a product gives or its cost (in points) it can be bought, is set up separately by means of 2 options:

  • Points - the number of points needed to be present at client’s account to buy the viewed item.
  • Reward Points for particular customer group - denotes how many reward points are added to account of customer (belonging to defined group) when he/she purchases this product.
opencart reward techniques
opencart reward techniques

Is it possible to use all reward-making means for a product at once?

You can add different discounts, set special prices and reward points to one and the same product, but please note, OpenCart special set for the product has higher priority than the discount. The reason is because discounts are considered to be set for longer periods of time, while specials for shorter ones (special events, discount week, deal of the day etc.). In this case when a product has both discount and special added, the special is used.

In case you have multiple discounts or specials that overlap in time, the one with higher priority will be applied while adding the product to cart.

How to assign OpenCart discounts, specials or reward points to multiple goods in bulk?

With the help of Store Manager for OpenCart you will be able to select products for which you need to create special promotion rule(s) and in the lower grid make appropriate settings that will be applied to all selected products.

opencart reward techniques
opencart reward techniques

This way there is no need to open each product via edit form, everything can be done for multiple products just with a few clicks.

Reward your client today and count returnings tomorrow!

Tags: OpenCart discounts, OpenCart special, OpenCart reward points

By Maria Kvasnytska

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