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Troubleshooting Tips for Those Who Cannot Upload Images to OpenCart

OpenCart users know how frustrating can be getting an unexpected error and not being able to find a solution for it. It is especially true when it concerns images upload to OpenCart, since pictures create general impression of your goods and basically are the only means to give a client the idea how the items on sale look like.

If you got an error, don’t fret, since most likely that other OpenCart users had the same problem and already gotten it solved. We have gathered the most common solutions for problems with OpenCart images. Take a look at this short troubleshooting guide to get back on track.


Your images are uploaded to /image/data directory at your server, so you first of all need to make sure that the folder for images storing has enough permissions: "775" or "777" (this makes them all writeable and adaptable for changes).

If previously everything was alright with images upload, the problems can happen due to a number of reasons. Its possible that your web hosting provider updated something or other changes caused the file permissions to change.

cannot upload opencart images
cannot upload opencart images

FTP Quota

Check if you have plenty of space on your server. Maybe you have reached the limit. You can check it yourself by connecting via any FTP client and trying to add an image manually.

Error Reporting

Are there any error messages? If you have not received any, check if you have got php errors turned on in order to display messages to allow you to pinpoint where the problem is.

Invalid Image Names

If your picture names have some unusual characters or spaces, etc you might get issues uploading them. Try changing the name, or in case you are fetching from a URL, check if image is accessible pasting the link to the browser.

Images are Uploaded to the Wrong Location

As was already mentioned above, the correct location for images in OpenCart is /image/data. For the images to be reachable, there should not be sub-directories with pictures in them.

Images are Incorrectly Referenced to Products

If you think that uploading pictures to folder at your server is enough, you need to know that without linking them to products, the pictures have no particular value and just keep space at your FTP. When adding images manually or importing them, you should create product<->picture relations by assigning images to appropriate products.

cannot upload opencart images
cannot upload opencart images

Image Format not Supported

In OpenCart .bmp format of images is not supported at all, but other image extensions can be set up from back-end if you go to Settings -> Server -> Allowed file extensions.

cannot upload opencart images
cannot upload opencart images

Browser Problems

If you upload images from back-end, try different browsers. Moreover, the problem may be with browser extensions that obstruct uploads. It's very easy to install extensions to your browser, occasionally you may not even realize you've done so. If you're not familiar with browser extensions, then switching to any other browser than the one you're currently using is often the way to go.

Image Upload Tool

In case nothing of above helped, you might consider trying other tool to import images, for example, Store Manager for OpenCart. It allows you to import local as well as remote images by URL. It is possible to add images for each products one-by-one in the grid as well as during import.

Using Store Manager for OpenCart in order to successfully upload images you need to:

  • Set up FTP connection in Preferences (F12) - this tab allows you to define folders permissions right in the process of connection setup.
    cannot upload opencart images
    cannot upload opencart images
  • During images import include image names or image URLs in the file and tick the box that allows to upload pictures to products.
  • cannot upload opencart images
    cannot upload opencart images
  • Wait till the process of upload is to end and if images still not showing, have a look at FTP tasks queue. Images upload is pretty long process and pictures might still wait for their turn to be uploaded.
cannot upload opencart images
cannot upload opencart images

Hope that these troubleshooting tips on problems with images upload helped. If you are interested in trying Store Manager for OpenCart, there is free 2-week version available for download -


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