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FTP Task Queue

Date: March 5th, 2014

Very often when you upload OpenCart images massively, right away checking the products you have just added pictures to, you might not see them all. Do not panic. The procedure of images upload to FTP takes considerable amount of time and pictures may stay in queue and upload in turn. It happens even after import was reported to be successful.

You might ask: where to see the progress of images upload? In Store Manager for OpenCart there is separate section “FTP Tasks Queue”. It is available for access from Tools tab of Ribbon Menu.

opencart ftp
opencart ftp

After you open this section, you will see that it is divided into 2 main parts: Configuration and Task Items.

opencart ftp
opencart ftp

Let’s see what details are available in those 2 panes.


This pane shows you the list of server names where upload tasks were performed. It is very useful, since Store Manager itself allows to manage multiple databases on different servers, so you will be to see uploads by stores.

You can also see some general data by stores, like number of tasks per configuration and how many of them are in use (active) at the moment.

Additionally, at the bottom pane part you will see general information (connection settings) on selected configuration (server).

Task Items

Here you can see the progress of file/images upload to appropriate directory at your server. Once you've selected a file to upload, a new task is created here with current FTP configuration settings.

Namely, you will see the following details:

  • source location - here maybe shown path to image at local folder on your PC or link to it in case it is placed somewhere remotely.
  • target destination - the location where the file or image will be placed at your FTP.
  • priority - shows how the task ranged on the basis of importance criteria.
  • task type - indicates what exactly task is performed, e.g. download, upload.
  • number of attempts - shows you how many times the task was running. Store Manager makes pre-set number of attempts to upload the file/image and if eventually the process cannot be finished, it will show you the error at the bottom of the window.
  • state - the status of task (executing, stopped etc.).

In case you see stopped task in the list, selecting it you will be able also to see the date of last upload attempt and what error occurred during the process. If necessary, you can restart the task using appropriate button of pane menu.

opencart ftp
opencart ftp

You can also delete all or selected tasks to clear the list.

In case you need to group the tasks, there is the range of filtering options available to sort the tasks be the following criteria:

- view count

- task type

- task priority

- task state

Still cannot see images uploaded and FTP task queue is empty? Check your FTP connection in Preferences (F12)->FTP tab of Store Manager for OpenCart application.

opencart ftp
opencart ftp

If there are no settings, indicate them and verify your connection by pressing “Test Connection” button.

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Tags: OpenCart images, images not shown in OpenCart

By Maria Kvasnytska

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